Motorcycles with Alec Mackaye


Metal machine music.  Force and arcana written in rust and steel. How things work and why we like to work on them and work for them. The tolerance and limits of moving, meshing metal.

Offering a conversation in an abundantly cluttered, well used work space about why we even care about or like these kinds of things in the age of flat screens, sterile fields, silent silicon factories, virtual experiences and the compulsion of new vs. old.

Dirt. Grease. The beauty in Everything.

Opening up on open roads, dialing it in for city commutes. Sitting for hours with gears and springs trying to make things go.

Bring a friend a spend a couple hours discussing the craft of motorcycle restoration. Alec will show off some recent restoration work and talk about a project in progress.

Alec MacKaye is a Preparator at the Phillips Collection, and wrote the narrative for the book Hard Art, DC 1979.