The Art of Personal Propaganda

Will your digital footprint and social legacy make history or do you desire to change history? The art of personal propaganda is here to help you present your “personal image” to the world as you want the world to know you. Imagine you want to have a little Photoshop “fun” and assume a new role. The art of personal propaganda comes to your rescue. Or: perhaps you need a fantastic Facebook, or LinkedIn banner. Let the world know you aren’t boring. Imagine you are about to celebrate a special occasion and need a collage for print or social media. With personal propaganda let everyone know how loved and cool you are. Kathryn can put it together. Using your personally sourced original photos, digital or actual photos. Kathryn can take a dull ordinary life and make it more appealing. The artist will meet with you to establish what interests you most. You will provide the source material. Then the magic happens in Photoshop and Kathryn will deliver your Personal Propaganda Digital Image. You can use your custom personal propaganda for social media or even print posters for plastering phone poles and alleyways. Who knows it might go viral.