#Vote4Pope is a participatory art performance project intended to draw attention to the unequal status of women in the Catholic Church. It is a traveling trunk show of Papal regalia and props. You and three invited guests will come dress up as Pope and pose in a papal-like gilded throne. Participants will don their favorite papal outfit from a display of clothing comprising an array of Pope’s cassocks, stockings, female shoes, hats, and stoles in papal colors (white and red), just as they are for a newly elected Pope in the Room of Tears at the Vatican. You will then pose as Pope and have your photograph uploaded to social media sites and the dedicated website:


Anyone can participate in #vote4pope. It is an equal opportunity event with– dare we say it– a slight preference for women!

Brewery Tour & Tasting

You and 7 friends are invited for a private tour and tasting at Bluejacket brewery. At Bluejacket, an understanding of, and respect for, the traditions and techniques of classic brewing coexist with a spirit of constant experimentation, innovation, and collaboration, resulting in delicious beers that showcase seasonality, culinary inspiration, and historic interpretation.

This private tour allows participants to go behind the scenes, interact with the brewing team, and taste a multitude of beers along the way.

Design a Print

Spend approximately two hours with artist Megan Maher in her studio looking at her Design-A-Print series and creating one of your own with three friends. Maher’s Design-A-Print series explores the use of rote and common marks, chance, and layering. These pieces made on transparent and translucent papers can be arranged in numerous ways to create your personalized artwork. You will spend the afternoon discussing art, painting, printing, and drawing several layers to create a person Design-A-Print. Each participant will leave with a layered artwork. The experience will be at Maher’s studio at DC Arts Studios in Takoma Park.

Public Art Off the Beaten Path – NYC

DC sculpture artist Tim Devenney presents an experience like no other in his “Public Art Off the Beaten Path” self-guided tour of art in New York City. The itinerary includes Devenney’s personal favorite sites picked just for you. Pick and choose the offerings and site suggestions at your own pace. The itinerary is not weather dependent, and includes both indoor and outdoor sites. Want to shop? A few art and design markets are included. Your travels will bring you into neighborhoods rife with opportunities for eats, drinks, and nightlife as well. The tour can be completed in one weekend or split into multiple visits, anytime during the summer. A go to listing for NYC like none other, to be enjoyed over and over again!

Create Your Own Cyanotype

This workshop is an investigation into the cyanotype process and will demonstrate the techniques used for making these aptly named blue-toned prints.

Using a special emulsion, you’ll be able to print negatives using your own photos, which will be printed onto transparent acetate. In addition, we will experiment with placing objects directly onto the light sensitive paper to create photo silhouettes.

Materials will be provided, just bring your own photo files and/or interesting objects to cast shadows with!

DC Alley Museum Mural Tour

DC Alley Museum is an outdoor collection of public art murals by artists Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Bill Warrell, Rozeal, Aniekan Udofia, Cita Sadeli Chelove, Stephen E. Lewis, Craig Nelson, and Kelly Towles. Funded by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ Public Art Building Communities grants, these murals commemorate the history of artists in Blagden Alley, located in the Washington, DC NW Shaw neighborhood. This experience is a tour of these murals for 1-25 people. The tour will last approximately 40 minutes and end with coffee or tea at La Colombe.

The Phillips Collection Library and Archives – Private Tour

In this behind-the-scenes experience, 20-25 people will go on a detailed tour of The Phillips Collection Library and Archives. They will see how the collection is organized and look at a number of facsimiles of archival items, such as correspondence between Duncan Phillips, artists, and gallery dealers. The group will be taken to a room not open to the public where they can observe crate storage and the museum’s archives. In addition, they will learn about the history of the Phillips Collection beginning in the early twentieth century and up to the present day.

Collaborative Commission

Stephen F. Lilly presents Collaborative Commission, a personalized conceptual sound artwork. Through this experience, one patron will have the opportunity to work with Lilly on a short (one minute or one page), electronic, vocal, instrumental, or theatrical work. The patron will meet with Lilly to discuss ways in which the piece can be tailored to them given the constraints of his compositional aesthetic.

The exact nature of the collaboration will be informed by the patron. They can act as the work’s first performer or take a more active role in the creation of the work, e.g. contributing to the abstract sound world of an electronic composition or generating text to be explored in a language-based artwork. The experience will last approximately one month.

Ride in Style

Come have a two hour ride in a beautifully restored 1928 Buick Touring car with antique car enthusiast and real estate agent David Blaufarb. This motorcar is a four door convertible. The ride is most enjoyably taken in warm weather. David will take you and up to 3 guests: For a summer evening cruise around the monuments on the Mall. You could ride to Mt Vernon and back. A date with your sweetie? To and from the picnic. The ride from the wedding to the reception. Treat your grandpa to a trip down memory lane. Arrive at the Gatsby party in style. Your idea?

Curator-Led Tour of the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Founded in 1987, NMWA is the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to recognizing women’s creative contributions. By bringing to light remarkable women artists of the past while also promoting the best women artists working today, the museum directly addresses the gender imbalance in the presentation of art in the U.S. and abroad, thus assuring great women artists a place of honor now and into the future. This hour-long tour could include up to 15 guests. Upcoming exhibitions at NMWA include Chromatic Scale: Prints by Polly Apfelbaum (March 10 – July 2, 2017), Revival (June 23 – September 10, 2017), and Magnetic Fields: Expanding American Abstraction, 1960s to Today (October 13, 2017 – January, 2018)