Mucho Kluncho Talent Show

A guaranteed spot in the Mucho Kluncho Talent Show on September 23! Show off your talent, the stupider and more homemade the better!
The Mucho Kluncho Talent Show takes place September 23; you must contact the Klunch by September 1 with your talent.

Mindful Watercolors

Learn how watercolors can help you become more aware as you create unique paintings in this interactive workshop. Ricky Sears has developed a breathing patterns painting technique that allows your natural breathing rhythm to create beautiful paintings. This workshop introduces tools you can use including movement, breath work, music, and art through brief activities to help reduce stress, improve awareness, and breathe more mindfully. Whether or not you’ve ever painted before, learn how to follow the steps using wet-on-wet painting techniques to increase your confidence using brushes to control watercolors in different paintings. Art supplies provided by instructor. Beginners welcome!


Walking Tour of Mount Pleasant

With its main street, town square, and distinct boundaries, Mount Pleasant still feels like the village it once was. But more than just a feeling links this neighborhood to its 19th century roots. A pre-Civil War era mansion and a handsome collection of village-era houses remain. Historian Mara Cherkasky will guide your group of up to 20 around Mount Pleasant, where you will experience the neighborhood’s original street grid, see some of its oldest buildings, and hear some of its more fascinating stories. Ms. Cherkasky wrote the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Heritage and has also published a book and an article on the neighborhood. She can customize the tour if the group prefers to focus on, for example, Mount Pleasant’s more recent music and/or activism history.

Motorcycles with Alec Mackaye


Metal machine music.  Force and arcana written in rust and steel. How things work and why we like to work on them and work for them. The tolerance and limits of moving, meshing metal.

Offering a conversation in an abundantly cluttered, well used work space about why we even care about or like these kinds of things in the age of flat screens, sterile fields, silent silicon factories, virtual experiences and the compulsion of new vs. old.

Dirt. Grease. The beauty in Everything.

Opening up on open roads, dialing it in for city commutes. Sitting for hours with gears and springs trying to make things go.

Bring a friend a spend a couple hours discussing the craft of motorcycle restoration. Alec will show off some recent restoration work and talk about a project in progress.

Alec MacKaye is a Preparator at the Phillips Collection, and wrote the narrative for the book Hard Art, DC 1979.

3D Scanning and Printing Walkthrough

Curious about 3D printing? Artist David Mordini will walk you through the steps from scanning to print. You’ll start with scanning a 3d object with a handheld scanner. Next you’ll learn about the slicing software used to prepare objects for print. You’ll finish with printing a 4” object to bring home.

The Lansburgh’s Notebook Walking Tour

Join curator, writer, and DCAC Managing Director Blair Murphy for a walking tour based on her research for Footprint aka The Lansburgh’s Notebook, an exhibition that took place at Flashpoint Gallery from April 15 – May 6 of this year. Footprint aka The Lansburgh’s Notebook explored the history of arts spaces in downtown DC from the early 1970’s to the present day, with a focus on documenting the names, locations, and years of operation of galleries, non-profits, theaters, dance companies, artist studios, music spaces, and other small-scale arts organizations. The walking tour will include additional details, anecdotes, and stories Murphy unearthed during her research. The tour can be personalized to the participant’s interests, promising a rich experience for DC art scene veterans or curious newcomers.

Time Capsule: You

Experimental Filmmaker Rob Parrish is offering an experience all about you: the creation of an artifact that may seem unnecessary, narcissistic, even uncomfortable now — but may become a treasured artifact as we race away from the present. Rob will spend a day filming you, your family, and/or friends engaged in the routine: visiting your favorite restaurant or park, talking, playing, quietly reading, cooking — in short, just living. However, unlike your own efforts to document yourself, this film will be made from the perspective of a trained observer and stranger. Rob will seek to capture the beauty, humor, and perhaps drama, that is you and your tribe.

Closet Critique and Wardrobe Rescue

What it is: A complete and unemotional foray into your wardrobe and where it resides: Your Closet. Everything will come out of your closet and only what is wearable and meaningful will be returned to what will become your personal boutique. At the end of three hours, you will have considered, evaluated and pruned your existing wardrobe to create real estate in your closet for the things you love and need on a daily basis. And when this is accomplished, you will have fun shopping in your own closet, rediscovering and pairing back garments that have been forgotten and ignored. The discarded garments
will be taken away to a donation center so that they will not creep back into your closet, and a list of recommendations for rounding out your reworked wardrobe will be provided.

Define Your Brand Workshop

Your business is a brand. Get people talking about you the way you want them to. step away from your business to get clarity on what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it. Get Sisarina’s own Rebecca Gunter to conduct a three-hour Define Your Brand Workshop in the comfort of your office.
How it works: The Define Your Brand Workshop begins with a Brand Questionnaire for your team (or a cross section) to complete. This insider know-how gives us the backstory about who you are — as well as if there are any disconnects between what you think you do
versus what your team thinks you do. Afterwards, Rebecca will come to your office for our three-hour workshop, where worksheets, laughter, and sharing ensues. And the real work happens.

Once you complete your workshop, we’ll have a list of finalized statements and values to send you with and you’ll walk away with the language you need to make the best decisions for your business. These are the tools, the words, and the building blocks that inspire your
team to be brand ambassadors, you prospects to become customers, and your partners to keep referring you again and again. And you’ll get Sisarina in your corner cheering you on the entire way.

One Hour Portrait Photography Session

Enjoy a one hour portrait photography session in-studio or at your chosen location with Irene Abdou Photography and receive a 11″ x 14″ print.

Memories don’t have to fade with time. At Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, recipient of the “People Love Us On Yelp” award, Angie’s List Super Service Award, and 2x winner of the Bride’s Choice Award by WeddingWire, we provide portrait photography in unique locations that are meaningful to you, creating beautiful works of art… family heirlooms… memories that make your heart stop a beat every time you look at them. If you want to celebrate your family, we’ll fuse fine art and photojournalism to create images that are simply…unforgettable.
Enter Irene Abdou Photography, LLC, and use this certificate for a personal portrait session, including family, high school senior, and couples. Before your session, you’ll come to our studio for an in-person planning meeting to talk about creative ideas, clothing, and locations for your session. Your session will then take place at our studio or at your chosen venue with up to 5 people or pets. Then, at your post-portrait “photo reveal” and home design consultation, your beautiful photographs will be unveiled and you can choose your favorite photograph for a complimentary 11×14 luster art print, and order additional fine art prints and custom-designed products. So make your memories last, because Irene Abdou will tell your story just the way you imagined – from the moment of your child’s birth to her wedding day. Visit us online at http://ireneabdou.com.